Acne & Self Esteem

September 22nd, 2009

Acne can really be a terrible thing.  It can take advantage of truly innocent people, and it can be a struggle to overcome the plethora of things it brings to the table.  One of the really bad aspects of acne is that it comes at an already extremely uneasy period of one’s life.  Adolescence is a very challenging time.  Going to school, meeting new people everyday, and starting to get more responsibilities are all things that are taking place during this period.

Mix this with the many changes taking place with a young person’s body, and this can absolutely be one of the most uncomfortable time periods in a person’s entire life.  Then, when it appears as if it’s as bad as it can get, add acne.  Acne covers the face of these young adults, and it can be devastating.  Pimples, zits, and full blown acne can absolutely kill anyone’s confidence, as there is really no hiding it.  It’s right there on your face, and you simply cannot hide your face. 

Everyone will see notice acne, and it can be painful and unattractive.  Those who are lucky have good complexions, but most will get some extent of acne, and treating it is very important to any young person’s development.